Wednesday, April 2


Where was your first job?? Mine was KFC - I started when I was 16 and worked there for about 2 years. It was a fun job! I got to know all the "regulars". I remember when I would get off late, we were allowed to take the extra chicken home. A couple of times a week I would bring a barrel or two home with the various kinds. My dad would hear me come in the door and get out of bed to have his midnight snack :) Here is a retro commercial. I wore a uniform just like this one! Turn off the music at the bottom and watch this fun video!

I wonder if this started my obsession with chickens??? My coworker bought me this new one. I look like this some days. Especially this week!!
Here is a pictures of my cluttered cubicle. I sit here for about 9 hours a day!!!

Karma- recognize your connection to all animals...
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Diane said...

That was a good first job! Guess what mine was....I worked on a chicken farm collecting eggs!!!
Stinky or what!!! We would collect 3,000 eggs a day,then pass them through a screener and washer then put them in egg cartons. For $1.25 an hour!!!!!!!
Wish I had your job instead,I love KFC!!

Hope said...

My first job was at a hardware store; how's that for a "girly" job?! My uncle Bob used to work for KFG about a hundred years ago. Gee, I loved visiting uncle Bob.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

My first job was through a summer program for youth ... I was 14. I did light maintenance at the courthouse + mail delivery and grounds clean-up. My first motorcycle was purchased with the money I made. Great life lesson in the value of a dollar!
I only wish I had a job with free chicken :-)