Sunday, April 13


I got alot done yesterday.. I shampooed my carpet, vacuumed the garage, organized my stamp/scrap area. Cleaned out my stack of magazines. Did laundry. Pulled all of Winters death from the back flower beds. All before noon! My Handyman and I took a drive to view the new Dream Home Giveaway. Its a raffle to raise money for the St Judes Children's Hospital. The house is still under construction; almost done. Oh what a beautiful day it was!!

I love taking pictures, but I'm no expert. I have a Cannon Rebel Digital SLR . It takes fabulous pictures but it seems I'm constantly reading the manual trying to remember everything. I found these great lessons from Two Peas in a Bucket. Check out their website here to learn more. You will learn alot of basic tips for taking better photo's.

The program I use for creating my blog headers and my digital scrapbook pages is Photoshop Elements 5. I love this program. There is ALOT to learn. I ordered this book on line by Scott Kelby. It has helped me alot. The Photoship Elements 5 Book for Digital Photographers.


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Sandee said...

If you need more to do, you can come to my house! ROFL!!!!!!
Where did you order that book from? I've taught myself alot, but I know there's things to learn that I'd never even think of.

Sharon said...

Hi, well I followed you back this morning. Enjoyed your visit at my blog. So I will now be lurking around a little here. I have a question. I have PS Elements 5 too and can't make myself sit with it long enough to learn. It came with a book that has step step tutorials but boooooring. I just want to do it. Know what I mean? Well anyway, is this book that you ordered more helpful that the own that came with the software?