Saturday, May 31

M4H - P52: 22/52

I’m a little embarrassed to share this picture with you.   This is my craft room.  It is also my fitness room and it is currently storage.  

I’ve taken everything off the walls in my house. (except this room)  We’re getting ready to paint.  A room at a time will probably take us all summer.  Oh joy!

I just ordered new Bali blinds for the entire house,  too.  That is going to be another fun project.

This is currently My life!

Week 22:   My Life



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Friday, May 30

Project 52

When did I post last?   Was it week 15?   I guess I owe you a few weeks worth of photo’s.  I’m almost caught up. All are SOOC except week 17

16/52- Mine -    Who doesn’t like new shoes?… I still haven’t worn them.  Yes!  They are 4 inches tall. (Instagram – Samsung Galaxy 4)

16/52 - mine

17/52 - Pastel -  Blossoms from my choke cherry tree.  Edited with Little Lusker – Envision/Sweets (Canon T3i)


18/52 - Moody -  Is tired and grouchy a mood?   I have my head lying on my desk. (Instagram – Samsung Galaxy 4)

18/52 - moody.    ( is tired considered moody?)

19/52 - Face -  I was playing with my Cannon 100mm lens trying to take some macro photo’s of the bees in my maple tree. (Canon T3i)


20/52-  Bright – It was a bright sunny day during my walk along Lake Lowell.  The flowers on this shrub were bright white. (Canon T3i)


21/52 - Backyard -  The bee’s are still buzzing around my tree.  Here is a Bee’s Bum. (Canon T3i)




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Thursday, May 29

Never Looked Back

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to put together a sign for his daughter’s cheer coach for their season end party.  I wish I had a picture to share of the team.  His daughter is about 7 and so cute.

This sign is 36x20.  The team colors are black, purple and silver.   I ordered some metallic silver vinyl for the phrase from Expressions Vinyl.  It adds some nice bling to the project.

I based the large board with the purple, then painted over it with black.  The edges are sanded so a little of the purple shows through. (You know me and that grunge look)




I’ve made quite a few items using vinyl but this was the first time I did one so large.


The team pictures will go in the individual purple frames.



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