Wednesday, April 29

Springtime Events

My Granddaughter turned 4 last week.   The kids had a lot of fun at her party.   

_MG_4506_edited-1 _MG_4511_edited-1

What could be more fun than a mouth full of candy and playing in the water fountain?

_MG_4537_edited-1 kendall and i

Possibly blowing giant bubbles?

_MG_4478_edited-1 _MG_4501

Carter has started playing baseball.  It sure is fun watching seven year olds play.

IMG_4550_edited-1    IMG_4556_edited-2                   


There is always silliness!!

IMG_4555_edited-1 IMG_4557_edited-1

My friend Melissa sews the cutest outfits.   Her business is Bella Grace Creations.  She made this cute little Foxy Roxy skirt and top for me to give Kendall.  You can also find her  HERE on Facebook.


I learned a fun new stamping technique thanks to another CTMH consultant.  It looks like bokeh.   I will use as a card background.  I haven’t decided what to add to it yet. I love to learn new things!


I hope you’re enjoying your Spring.  I’m looking forward to my Southern California beach adventure to Coronado Island in a couple of weeks.   I better try and get a little sun before then.

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Sunday, April 19

Catch Up

It’s Spring!  The time of rebirthing.  My chokecherry tree is blooming and buzzing with bees. 

The sweet aroma fills the air.

_MG_4419_edited-1  _MG_4430_edited-1


Easter Weekend was fun with the grandkids.

IMG_4417 IMG_4408

Spring Flowers are blooming.

_MG_4332_edited-1   _MG_4316_edited-1

And so are the weeds!


The weather has been great for quick walks along Indian Creek, not far from home.


We’ve had a little family fun. (bubble blowing contest)


We’ve had a few nights with a beautiful moon.


The Snake River Canyon is beautiful this time of year.

_MG_4181_edited-1 _MG_4195_edited-1 _MG_4198_edited-1   _MG_4193_edited-1

If you head out there, you may have the opportunity to see some thrill seekers.


  I’ve make a few cards and a few new doodles, too. (courtesy of Instagram)

And the brewing is going well.   My favorite Kombucha flavors are, Blood Orange,  Honey Tangerine,  Or Raspberry Lemonade.  

IMG_20150102_133858 IMG_20150124_093724 IMG_20150126_203026 IMG_20150130_164440 IMG_20150130_171639 IMG_20150211_181119 IMG_20150212_174948 IMG_20150217_150854  IMG_20150301_155347  IMG_20150308_091039 IMG_20150304_140657IMG_20150227_205424

IMG_20150322_120115 IMG_20150322_172310 IMG_20150322_183913 IMG_20150323_063336 IMG_20150323_071450 IMG_20150323_071736 IMG_20150323_073210 IMG_20150323_073854 IMG_20150326_192230 IMG_20150413_103110IMG_20150402_121200 IMG_20150403_095113 IMG_20150403_202143 IMG_20150405_142904 IMG_20150405_150950 IMG_20150411_163454 IMG_20150411_170313  IMG_20150417_201640 IMG_20150319_161434 IMG_20150319_163725 IMG_20150322_100217 IMG_20150326_171828 IMG_20150331_170002

I don’t seem to blog very much anymore.  Life is busy.  The end.

Hopefully I’ll be able to grab my camera and share a few more photo’s now that the weather is getting warmer.  




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