Thursday, January 29

A Winter’s Walk

A couple of weekends ago, when the sun had burnt through the fog and the ugly inversion, I bundled up and took a walk along the little greenbelt in Kuna that runs along Indian Creek.   I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. Most of the creek was frozen over with a few puddles here and there.

_MG_4067_edited-1 _MG_4069_edited-1 _MG_4070_edited-1 _MG_4071_edited-1

  _MG_4074_edited-1 _MG_4075_edited-1

The rope hanging silently, waiting for the summer laughter of the swimming hole.

_MG_4076_edited-1 _MG_4077_edited-1

_MG_4087_edited-1 _MG_4090_edited-1

_MG_4089_edited-1 _MG_4092_edited-1

Roseberries and nesting boxes.

_MG_4094_edited-1   _MG_4107_edited-1

_MG_4109_edited-1 _MG_4120_edited-1 _MG_4126_edited-1

_MG_4114_edited-1 _MG_4117_edited-1




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Saturday, January 17

December Daily 2

A few more days from my December Daily..  A few of the pictures, based on theme for the day may include older photo’s… such as traditions, etc.

Dec5th_LeftSide Dec5th_RightSide

 Dec6th_LeftSide Dec6th_RightSide


Dec8th_LeftSide Dec8th_RightSide

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Sunday, December 14

December Daily

This is the first year I’m doing  December Daily.   

This is a scrapbooking project that you create a scrapbook page or two for each day in December.

I chose a quick and easy project.  I am using digital templates from a class at Scrapaneers.  The class is Discover December by Kelly Sill.  There are more complicated digital classes available.  A lot of people make their pages out of paper and embellishments.   You can find daily lists for ideas at Pinterest.    I get a daily email with a photo prompt through the class I am taking.

I chose this digital class because I am so busy and don’t have hours to spend every day taking photo’s and putting a page together.  The beauty of using a premade template is that I can change paper and add embellishments if I choose.  What a fun what to remember December and spark a little bit of Christmas Joy.

Day 1 - Selfie

Dec1st_LeftSide Dec1st_RightSide 

Day 2 – Holiday Color


Day 3 – Front door or porch

 Dec3rd_LeftSide Dec3rd_RightSide

Day 4 - Joy

 Dec4th_LeftSide Dec4th_RightSide




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Sunday, November 23


I only take a few pictures a year.  Almost all are references through friends or family.

Dallas is a senior this year; Class of 2015. We had a perfect Fall day; just a couple of days before our big snow storm.

The colors were perfect.


 _MG_3606_edited-1_MG_3632 copy_MG_3604 copy_MG_3675_edited-1_MG_3664_edited-1 _MG_3766_edited-1 _MG_3769_edited-1 _MG_3775_edited-1 _MG_3809_edited-1 _MG_3812_edited-1

He even brought his girl along.

_MG_3843_edited-1 _MG_3786_edited-1




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