Sunday, December 14

December Daily

This is the first year I’m doing  December Daily.   

This is a scrapbooking project that you create a scrapbook page or two for each day in December.

I chose a quick and easy project.  I am using digital templates from a class at Scrapaneers.  The class is Discover December by Kelly Sill.  There are more complicated digital classes available.  A lot of people make their pages out of paper and embellishments.   You can find daily lists for ideas at Pinterest.    I get a daily email with a photo prompt through the class I am taking.

I chose this digital class because I am so busy and don’t have hours to spend every day taking photo’s and putting a page together.  The beauty of using a premade template is that I can change paper and add embellishments if I choose.  What a fun what to remember December and spark a little bit of Christmas Joy.

Day 1 - Selfie

Dec1st_LeftSide Dec1st_RightSide 

Day 2 – Holiday Color


Day 3 – Front door or porch

 Dec3rd_LeftSide Dec3rd_RightSide

Day 4 - Joy

 Dec4th_LeftSide Dec4th_RightSide




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Sunday, November 23


I only take a few pictures a year.  Almost all are references through friends or family.

Dallas is a senior this year; Class of 2015. We had a perfect Fall day; just a couple of days before our big snow storm.

The colors were perfect.


 _MG_3606_edited-1_MG_3632 copy_MG_3604 copy_MG_3675_edited-1_MG_3664_edited-1 _MG_3766_edited-1 _MG_3769_edited-1 _MG_3775_edited-1 _MG_3809_edited-1 _MG_3812_edited-1

He even brought his girl along.

_MG_3843_edited-1 _MG_3786_edited-1




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Friday, November 21

Productive Doodles

Here are a couple more of my Doodle sketches.

_MG_3866_edited-1 _MG_3867_edited-1 _MG_3868_edited-1

I colored a couple, too

_MG_3869_edited-1 _MG_3870_edited-1

Sorry the images aren’t super clear.  We’ve had dreary foggy weather and not very good lighting for taking photo’s.

This is the view out of my window.  The temperature has been in the single digits and we’ve had snow on the ground for over a week.  I know it’s not as bad as a few other states, but winter hit us early.  We barely had a fall season.


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Saturday, November 15

Do You Doodle??

I’ve shared a couple of my doodles with you before.   I did a couple of doodle a day sketches in October.  They’re silly and kind of fun.
_MG_3567_edited-1  _MG_3568_edited-1
_MG_3569_edited-1 _MG_3570_edited-1
Here are a couple more that I’ve colored or in the process of coloring
_MG_3571_edited-1 _MG_3572_edited-1
Song Lyric Doodle.
Put your doodling to good use.  I’m currently thinking Christmas.   I’ll be sharing more in the future.

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Monday, November 3

A Walk in the Park


We woke up to the first snow of the year on the foothills.   It is a beautiful sight. Boise is nestled in the valley just below.


The colors this Fall are spectacular.    I grabbed by camera, took a drive and snapped some photo’s.

Can you guess why I love Fall so much?

_MG_3534_edited-1 _MG_3536_edited-1 _MG_3537_edited-1 _MG_3539_edited-1

Can you say WOW?

_MG_3540_edited-1 _MG_3541_edited-1 _MG_3542_edited-1 _MG_3545_edited-1

_MG_3546_edited-1 _MG_3550_edited-1 _MG_3551_edited-1 _MG_3552_edited-1 _MG_3553_edited-1

_MG_3554_edited-1_MG_3557_edited-1 _MG_3555_edited-1 _MG_3556_edited-1  _MG_3559_edited-1

Get out and enjoy the gorgeous sight!


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