Monday, November 3

A Walk in the Park


We woke up to the first snow of the year on the foothills.   It is a beautiful sight. Boise is nestled in the valley just below.


The colors this Fall are spectacular.    I grabbed by camera, took a drive and snapped some photo’s.

Can you guess why I love Fall so much?

_MG_3534_edited-1 _MG_3536_edited-1 _MG_3537_edited-1 _MG_3539_edited-1

Can you say WOW?

_MG_3540_edited-1 _MG_3541_edited-1 _MG_3542_edited-1 _MG_3545_edited-1

_MG_3546_edited-1 _MG_3550_edited-1 _MG_3551_edited-1 _MG_3552_edited-1 _MG_3553_edited-1

_MG_3554_edited-1_MG_3557_edited-1 _MG_3555_edited-1 _MG_3556_edited-1  _MG_3559_edited-1

Get out and enjoy the gorgeous sight!


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