Saturday, June 30

Week 26 – Friendship

This week’s theme for Project52 over at My Four Hens, is – Friendship.    This evening my sister had a BBQ and I grabbed my camera as the girls were having fun jumping on the trampoline.  

This is my Niece Emily and her friend striking a pose.



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Monday, June 25

Boise Photo Walk – part 3

We walked into The Grove and there were kids running around and playing in the Fountain.  This is where the Capitol City Market starts.  There are all kinds of Artisans here.   We didn’t have time to go into the market and explore.

_MG_2980 copy

_MG_2984 copy

There are a few of the other photo walkers on the right of the photo.

_MG_2990 copy

 _MG_2993 copy _MG_2994 copy

_MG_2996 copy _MG_2997 copy


We then walked down to The Basque Block.   Southwest Idaho has the largest population of Basque’s in the United States, next to their homeland population in Spain.

_MG_3000 copy _MG_3003 copy

_MG_3010 copy _MG_3011 copy

_MG_3013 copy

_MG_3015 copy

Want to get a Tattoo?


_MG_3017 copy

_MG_3018 copy

I don’t think they’re selling farm equipment in downtown Boise anymore.

_MG_3019 copy

_MG_3021 copy

I hope you enjoyed my walk around Boise.   It was a lot of fun!


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Sunday, June 24

Week 25 – Fatherhood

The theme this week over at My Four Hens is Fatherhood.   Since my Father is no longer with us…  I wasn’t sure what kind of picture I was going to take. 

I was at my Son Eric’s house Saturday afternoon and his Son, My Grandson Carter was showing off his new bike riding skills to me.   No training wheels.   Well…  he biked across the yard and didn’t quite turn quick enough and crashed.   His little toe was bleeding.    I quickly grabbed my camera and captured this as Eric was applying the band.aid to Carters toe.

_MG_3157 copy


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Saturday, June 23

Custom Watermark {brush}

Do you know how to create a custom watermark for your photography?   Here is a great tutorial on creating your own custom brush.   I made one a couple of years ago…  which I rarely used, so I created a new one using my own handwriting font.  I probably should start using one again.

Hint…  To create the copyright symbol  the keystrokes are  Alt 0169   

_MG_2918 copy_edited-1

I used a different font for this one.  (some handwriting fonts don’t have the copyright symbol)

_MG_2918 copy_edited-2


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Friday, June 22

I Love This Shot

I had a hard time deciding which photo that I want to contribute to the Boise Photo Walk contest going on over at Love That Shot.   I would REALLY love to win the Lens Baby.   I’ve been drooling over them for quite some time.  The composer  is exactly what I want, too.    I chose to enter this beautiful rose that I captured from The Rose Gardens in Julia Davis Park.   I really love the colors!     Wish me luck on the contest! 

_MG_2905 copy_edited-2

Go Visit Misty and Michelle  HERE....


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Boise Photo Walk - part 2

After our visit to the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.   We walked down 9th street until we got to The Grove….  I found some fun textures.

_MG_2950 copy

_MG_2954_edited-1 _MG_2961 copy

_MG_2966 copy _MG_2971 copy

Cool Old car!!

_MG_2970 copy

_MG_2972 copy

I love the heart shaped leaves.

_MG_2958 copy

_MG_2969 copy

_MG_2976 copy _MG_2979_edited-1


Stay tuned for pictures of The Grove and The Basque block…

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Thursday, June 21

Boise Photo Walk

Saturday was the World Wide Photo Walk.  I went on the photo walk with my niece and daughter in law.  It was a lot of fun.   It was sponsored by Love That Shot, two local sisters. I discovered a few fun places walking around Boise that I’ve never noticed while driving.
We started off at the rose gardens in Julia Davis park.  There sure are some beautiful roses there!
_MG_2901 copy
_MG_2902 copy

_MG_2908 copy
_MG_2913 copy
We then walked over the the Anne Frank Human Right Memorial
_MG_2949 copy

_MG_2915_MG_2922 copy
 _MG_2925 copy _MG_2928 copy
_MG_2938 copy
_MG_2939 copy
_MG_2942 copy
To be Continued…..
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