Friday, June 15

Week 23 – Seasons

Well….  The theme over at My Four Hens for Project52 last week was  Seasons.    I took the picture last week but have been busy working on saving files and getting ready for my new computer.   It’s here and runs so fast!  …. so I’ve been busy loading photo’s so that I can share everything.

In Idaho,  It seems that we have a different season almost every day.   It can be a scorcher most of the day  then a cool front comes in and drops the temp 30 or 40 degree’s.   Crazy weather!   I was trying to find the elusive hummingbird in my back yard the other day.   It was a nice, calm and pretty day.   I snapped this picture looking up through my maple tree towards the sky.  

I would say that that day was a perfect Spring seasonal day in Idaho.  (About 75*)   I love the look of the sunlight shining through the green leaves.    Stay tuned for this weeks theme….  Texture.



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