Thursday, June 21

Boise Photo Walk

Saturday was the World Wide Photo Walk.  I went on the photo walk with my niece and daughter in law.  It was a lot of fun.   It was sponsored by Love That Shot, two local sisters. I discovered a few fun places walking around Boise that I’ve never noticed while driving.
We started off at the rose gardens in Julia Davis park.  There sure are some beautiful roses there!
_MG_2901 copy
_MG_2902 copy

_MG_2908 copy
_MG_2913 copy
We then walked over the the Anne Frank Human Right Memorial
_MG_2949 copy

_MG_2915_MG_2922 copy
 _MG_2925 copy _MG_2928 copy
_MG_2938 copy
_MG_2939 copy
_MG_2942 copy
To be Continued…..
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The Best Summer Ever! said...

What beautiful roses! I am looking forward to the rest of the walk!