Monday, June 25

Boise Photo Walk – part 3

We walked into The Grove and there were kids running around and playing in the Fountain.  This is where the Capitol City Market starts.  There are all kinds of Artisans here.   We didn’t have time to go into the market and explore.

_MG_2980 copy

_MG_2984 copy

There are a few of the other photo walkers on the right of the photo.

_MG_2990 copy

 _MG_2993 copy _MG_2994 copy

_MG_2996 copy _MG_2997 copy


We then walked down to The Basque Block.   Southwest Idaho has the largest population of Basque’s in the United States, next to their homeland population in Spain.

_MG_3000 copy _MG_3003 copy

_MG_3010 copy _MG_3011 copy

_MG_3013 copy

_MG_3015 copy

Want to get a Tattoo?


_MG_3017 copy

_MG_3018 copy

I don’t think they’re selling farm equipment in downtown Boise anymore.

_MG_3019 copy

_MG_3021 copy

I hope you enjoyed my walk around Boise.   It was a lot of fun!


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