Sunday, July 5


My Handyman and I have a 3 day weekend together.  Usually the only day we have together is Sunday.    We went to the Capitol City Market in down town Boise then watched the 4th of July parade.

It was a HOT day.   We’ve had about two weeks of weather in the 100’s.   One day it got up to 110.     I found a shady spot to take a few pictures of the parade.    I was hoping to get down on the road to get some good shots but I didn’t want to lose my shady spot. :)

Here are a few photo’s of the festivities.

IMG_0323_edited-1 IMG_0364_edited-1


I loved the bagpipes.  Maybe it’s my Scottish heritage. 

IMG_0327_edited-1 IMG_0328_edited-1 IMG_0329_edited-1  IMG_0333_edited-1 IMG_0336_edited-1 IMG_0351_edited-1

Charity Majors, Mrs. Idaho.   She had a busy day yesterday.

IMG_0367_edited-1 IMG_0368_edited-1 IMG_0369_edited-1 IMG_0372_edited-1

IMG_0376_edited-1 IMG_0381_edited-1

The horse was super popular with all of the kids around me.

IMG_0385_edited-1 IMG_0395_edited-1IMG_0390_edited-1 IMG_0391_edited-2  IMG_0399_edited-1 IMG_0401_edited-1 IMG_0404_edited-1

Here are a couple of photos from Downtown Boise as we walked back to the car.

IMG_0410_edited-1 IMG_0411_edited-1 IMG_0412_edited-1 IMG_0416_edited-1 IMG_0417_edited-1

To end the day, we drove to Meridian to watch the firework show put on my Meridian Speedway.   I set up my tripod in an attempt to get some good fireworks shots.   I read several tutorials on camera settings etc.    I need more practice.  Too bad it is only once a year.

IMG_0422_edited-1 IMG_0494_edited-1 IMG_0502_edited-1 IMG_0519_edited-1 IMG_0533_edited-1

The Finale

IMG_0570_edited-1 IMG_0573_edited-1 IMG_0575_edited-1 IMG_0577_edited-1


Happy 4th of July weekend !!


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Saturday, June 27

A Closer Look

Early this morning, when it was a little cooler (mid 70’s),   I took a few photo’s in my flower garden.

The bee’s were buzzing around the lavender and the hen’s and chick’s are blooming.

IMG_0283_edited-1 IMG_0287_edited-1

IMG_0288_edited-1 IMG_0294_edited-1

IMG_0290_edited-1 IMG_0299_edited-1

IMG_0300_edited-1 IMG_0301_edited-1

The spider came running out as the shutter of the camera engaged.    The shutter was a little faster than he was otherwise he would have been out on the web.

IMG_0303_edited-1 IMG_0304_edited-1

IMG_0305_edited-1 IMG_0310_edited-1

IMG_0314_edited-1 IMG_0315_edited-1


We are having record heat in the Boise area this week.    Today it was 106!   Hopefully my plants live through it.   I’ll be staying in the cool house.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!




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