Saturday, June 27

A Closer Look

Early this morning, when it was a little cooler (mid 70’s),   I took a few photo’s in my flower garden.

The bee’s were buzzing around the lavender and the hen’s and chick’s are blooming.

IMG_0283_edited-1 IMG_0287_edited-1

IMG_0288_edited-1 IMG_0294_edited-1

IMG_0290_edited-1 IMG_0299_edited-1

IMG_0300_edited-1 IMG_0301_edited-1

The spider came running out as the shutter of the camera engaged.    The shutter was a little faster than he was otherwise he would have been out on the web.

IMG_0303_edited-1 IMG_0304_edited-1

IMG_0305_edited-1 IMG_0310_edited-1

IMG_0314_edited-1 IMG_0315_edited-1


We are having record heat in the Boise area this week.    Today it was 106!   Hopefully my plants live through it.   I’ll be staying in the cool house.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!




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