Friday, May 30

Project 52

When did I post last?   Was it week 15?   I guess I owe you a few weeks worth of photo’s.  I’m almost caught up. All are SOOC except week 17

16/52- Mine -    Who doesn’t like new shoes?… I still haven’t worn them.  Yes!  They are 4 inches tall. (Instagram – Samsung Galaxy 4)

16/52 - mine

17/52 - Pastel -  Blossoms from my choke cherry tree.  Edited with Little Lusker – Envision/Sweets (Canon T3i)


18/52 - Moody -  Is tired and grouchy a mood?   I have my head lying on my desk. (Instagram – Samsung Galaxy 4)

18/52 - moody.    ( is tired considered moody?)

19/52 - Face -  I was playing with my Cannon 100mm lens trying to take some macro photo’s of the bees in my maple tree. (Canon T3i)


20/52-  Bright – It was a bright sunny day during my walk along Lake Lowell.  The flowers on this shrub were bright white. (Canon T3i)


21/52 - Backyard -  The bee’s are still buzzing around my tree.  Here is a Bee’s Bum. (Canon T3i)




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