Wednesday, April 16


We all work so hard on trying to do our best so that others understand and enjoy being with us. Anyway I do. :) My sister Krinkle tagged me to make a list of thing that I admire about myself. I seem to always try and please others and not spend enough time on admiring myself.

I have alot of friends and they enjoy being around me. I have a great smile and am a happy person. I love to read. I play the piano. People tell me that I have pretty eyes. I have pretty naturally curly hair. (even though it drives me crazy most days) I am creative and enjoy sharing all of my talents by teaching others to reap the rewards . I love decorative painting and am good at it. I love many kinds of music. It touches my soul. I am a great Mom. I have a fabulous family. They all mean the world to me! (even extended family) I am a good listener and give good advice. I am honest and try my hardest not to judge others. I am a hard worker and take pride in what I do. I have above average intelligence. I am organized and manage my time well.. I am tender hearted.

I invite you all to post on your blogs what you admire about yourself.

Karma... realize that something special is often very simple....
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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well done! I might have to give this one a shot.