Monday, April 28


Ok... I went shopping and bought a couple of new things. I hate shopping so I try to make it as quick as possible. I wore a top to work that probably was a size too big. I'll be washing it in hot water! It was showing a little too much cleavage. I understand that some people wish they had cleavage but.. I don't like showing mine to co-workers. We do have a dress code at work and its not allowed. It drove me crazy all day... Is it because I grew up and was trained to be modest? My Rockstar Chick daughter says.. I've got it so I'll flaunt it. Scissorbella thinks she was cursed because she doesn't have any.. Are we ever happy? I'll bet Olga the Traveling Bra loves to show cleavage!! She is currently in Minnesota visiting Speedy in Hollydale. Let us know Speedy!!

My Handyman gets home and I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner. I'm at the sink and he's staring at me. I said" What are you looking at?" he says. Did you get a new nightgown?? HUH!??? I'm thinking to myself... It must be the cleavage....

Karma... don't compare or envy...
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Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh yes...cleavage is so very bodacious!!! If ya got it babe, flaunt it!!! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Men ... I guess we are all alike!

Hey Michelle, thanks for the shout. I love how you blended it in with your post. I really am glad our blogs (bumped into) each other.
Going to add your link right now!! Bon Voyagee :-)


ps ... funny comment BTW. I was wondering when someone would bring up the "strangeness" of my bra-hat

Diane said...

That's too funny! I too say if you got it flaunt it but not all of it!
LOL!!! Have a great wed!!!