Thursday, April 30

Chunky Monkey

I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!!!

Who doesn't love ice cream? My favorite is plain ole vanilla with sliced banana's, a little chocolate syrup drizzled and a few chopped walnuts. I hardly ever eat it but occasionally get a craving.

My Handyman and I had the craving. I decided to be bold and try something new. Ok! I'm probably the last person on earth to try Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream! I was laughing at all of their names! They're some pretty creative dudes! Cake Batter, Berried Treasure, Chubby Hubby, Fossil Fuel, Karamel Sutra, Phish Food, Turtle Soup. Then I spotted it! Chunky Monkey!


Banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts! It sat in the freezer for two days before I had any. OMG! What a delight it was! I might have to try Chubby Hubby next!


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Vicki said...

Hey Michelle, If your blog tells you that I stopped following your blog, I did from the blog feeder, but I subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader account - so I'm really still following your blog. Didn't want you think I abandoned your blog - I love to read it. Thanks, vicki

Maria said...

Mmmm. .. it looks yummy! I'm not a big ice cream eater but looking at your photo. .makes me want to get some! LOL! I'm easily influenced!


Cherie said...

Oh yeah!! I want me some Chunky Monkey!! Why do these ice creams have to torture us further with calories and cute names - ha ha!