Wednesday, April 29

Pretty in Pink

When my died... He had this huge Christmas Cactus. It was too big to move so I gave it my Aunt; but I was able to bring a start home with me. I planted the little leaf and its grown a little bit. After 11 years it now has about 3 branches. Nothing too exciting. It has never flowered. Just sits in it's little pot and I water it every couple of weeks.

Look what I noticed yesterday!


Its not Christmas! Its Just Spring! But that's ok! Its a beautiful Pink color and it makes me smile and think about my Dad. Love you Dad!


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Cherie said...

That is so sweet!

Is a Christmas Cactus only supposed to bloom in the winter?
This little flower is kind of like a gift.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

That's awesome Michelle. I wish that I hade something from my Dad to bloom but he wasn't a gardener. He did however, do metal detecting and my mom gave me some of the trinkets he found, he never found anything expensive or anything like that - but it's a part of him and I love that I have them. I have used them on the front of some of my journals.
Thanks for sharing.