Friday, April 24

Topsy Turvy!

Have you heard of these crazy thing? Topsy Turvy. Well... We planted a Celebration Tomato and a Roma tomato in them. Its will be interesting..


We ended up buying a couple pieces of iron at the Restore store. It a place where people donate extra building materials from projects and the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. My Handyman worked out a little aggression and pounded the iron into the ground and wrapped a couple of clamps around to stabilize the hook. I love fresh tomatoes and really miss my garden. Now that the tree's are getting bigger I don't have much area that gets full sunlight all day long. I hope this works!!


Looks how pretty and green the grass is getting. Thats because My Handyman had cabin fever and fertilized in February!! He's already mowed about 5 times.


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Amber said...

ya know they just might work!!!!!

Maria said...

Hey Michelle! I've seen those on TV. I wondered if they actually work! Let us know if they grow tomatoes. My husband loves fresh tomatoes. Our grass is ugly right now. It's all dried up. So sad. Maybe it needs fertilizing. Your grass looks nice and pretty!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!


Diane said...

I'm curious to see how it will work! Keep us posted! If they do half as good as that grass,you'll be in tomato heaven!

doggybloggy said...

I can not wait to see what happens - I have been so skeptical of these since the plants look dead in the commercials