Monday, April 20


Spring! I love it! Even the word sounds fun! Its a time of renewal. A rebirthing, when everything comes back to life. An awakening. I love when the Earth wakes up from a long winter. It makes me want to go out and rejoice in the wonder of creation. I love the warmth of the sun. Saturday I worked in the yard, pulling out the dead of winter and trimming the rose bushes. I found alot of renewal....

The bleeding hearts are growing fast! I can hardly wait for the blooms!


The Peonies are starting to show their pretty little sprouts.


And Best of all!!! The tulips! They're my favorite!!


Turn off the music player above and listen to Skillet!

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sandy said...

The flowers are beautiful! I can't wait for my bleeding hearts to bloom! They are my favorite:0)

Jane ... said...

Michelle, your photos of your signs of spring are gorgeous! Enjoy God's creation rebirthing--love it! It's my favorite time of year. I'm about to post some of our dogwood blooms since getting their pix this morning.

Maria said...

Hey Michelle! Wow, what gorgeous pictures! It sure feels like spring just looking at your photos. The flowers are beautiful!! The colors are so vibrant!! Cool song by Skillet!!


Anonymous said...

I too LOVE Spring! Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Cherie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love tulips.

Aren't these warm temps so nice? I turned on the A/C in my car today - wow!

Judy said...

Your tulips are gorgeous!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Some fine looking photography ... you captured the bright colors in there full intensity.