Friday, April 17

Spring Time in the Rockies

Sunday was a beautiful day! Not only did we move all of the furniture out.... We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.... Too bad it only lasted one day!

Here are my beautiful daffodils that are now in full bloom.


I found this cute little nest in my tree. Its the cozy home of two little yellow finches.


This is the view of the mountains from my back yard! Look! Still snow!! The snow pack is good this year because of all the spring Snow. More expected! UGH!!! Mother Nature needs a bonk on the head! I'm tired of her games!


My Grandson Carter even had fun running around the yard playing!


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Jane ... said...

Love your photos, layouts, music, and the women and husband quotes too! What gorgeous scenery in Idaho--makes me want to travel! Hope you get some warm days's improving slowly here in St Louis but we're getting flooding from Minnesota rivers...blessings to you, CTMH sister!

Vicki said...

The flowers are so vibrant. Love the mountains with snow, they are so pretty. Wish we had more snow here in MD. Carter is adorable, as always. We have yellow finches too - love that their yellow is coming back.

Maria said...

Wow, such pretty photos Michelle. It sure do look like spring with those flowers in bloom. Awww, your grandson is adorable. Looks like he is ready to run. . .well, trying that is!! LOL!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Maria

Cynthia said...

Oh stink! He is a cute little critter!

I hope the remodeling is coming along nicely. You're going to love it, I promise!

Diane said...

Michelle, thank you so much for following Women to Women: Sharing Jesus and for leaving a trail for me to be able to come visit your blog. I love it! Love your music and your creations are just beautiful! Will have to browse more.

I'd like to invite you to put our blog badge on Creative Treasures and help us exalt the name of Jesus together! Just pick it up when you're at our blog again.

Thanks again, and I'll definitely be back! Great pictures too!

Barbara said...

Hey Mish....
Love the daffodils. Carter is sure growing up too. Lunch sounds great Smiles B

Michele said...

Awww... what a cutie!!!
Yep, spring is here as well but only off and on. Still very much snow here on the mountains which isn't too far up and last night's storm brought in a heck of a snowstorm but thankfully did not amount to anything on the ground.... whew.
Beautiful photos!