Sunday, April 5

Dear Mr.....

Dear Mr. Cannon Rebel,
You came into my life a couple of years ago. You are so good to me. You have every quality I've ever wanted. I love that you let me manipulate and take advantage of you. Why do you have to be so perfect? I don't always like perfect! Aren't you supposed to be a rebel? After all.... that is what your creator named you! I pack you around with me and you never let me down! Why does this bother me? Like I said.... I don't always want perfect! I try taking self portraits and you tell the truth! Why do you have to show all of the fine details? Why can't we just pretend? You know that I am really only 29! Why do you have to show the fine lines? The grey hairs that are creeping into my life and the extra pounds... Can't you just pretend for once? Can't you just make a girl happy? Where is the button that says.... make this person look young and vibrant and age 29?? The truth hurts! Come on! I paid big bucks for you! Give me a little rebel!

Photo shopped!
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My New 30 said...

Well, I think you look marvelous! :)

Cherie said...

You have the most beautiful skin!!

I love all your photoshopped fun pictures too!!