Sunday, August 17

Everything you Probably don't want to know

Here are 100 facts about me you may or may not know!

Random facts!
1. I started painting inanimate objects in my tween years.
2. I can fold my tongue (not very common)
3. I can squeeze my eyelids without closing my eyes.
4. I have all my teeth including my 4 wisdom teeth! No wonder I’m so smart.
5. I love to shoot a gun. Target practice; Whistle pigs and Rock Chucks! occasionally tin cans.
6. I am a blog addict. I have over 200 blogs I love to read. The lucky few get a daily visit.
7. I wear contact lenses. Only my family see’s me in glasses.
8. I am anal!
9. I organize everything. In color groups, in alpha order. Etc.
10. I hoard items. I know I’ll need them someday! But then again.. I hate STUFF and clutter!
11. I am always counting. Did you know groups of odd numbers are more esthetically pleasing?
12. I love my 16z double skinny sugar fee vanilla latte in the morning!
13. I love hard rock music! Love those long haired rebels!
14. I don’t like to just sit around. I like to be busy.
15. I don’t hold a grudge. I forgive and forget easily!
16. I love doing things for others, but don’t always like people doing things for me.
17. I am independent!
18. I am a huggy touchy person! I love touch!
19. My dog loves me more than anything! He is my shadow!
20. I love the peaceful feeling of the mountains
21. I love sitting out on my patio each weekend watching the stars on a clear dark night!
22. Music touches my soul! I sing a lot! But not in front of other people.
23. I am a meat eater! There is nothing better than a big juicy medium rare steak!!
24. I prefer white gold! I love it!!!!
25. I cry over everything. Movies, Music, commercials. I am tender hearted.
26. I will achieve what I have my mind set on.
27. I love to give homemade gifts. Especially cards and hand painted items.
28. I have a massive crush on Mac Powell.. He’s my secret boyfriend. It’s just his voice.
29. I love my family beyond description!
30. I love hairy men! Especially my handyman! Ready for the clippers dear?
31. I pack my camera everywhere, but don’t always take pictures.
32. I love dragonflies. They amaze me.,, and they eat mosquito’s
33. I am NOT a girly girl!
34. I love being in the outdoors! I love the mountains, creeks, pine tree’s & high mountain lakes.
35. I love to fish! My dad started dragging me along with him when I was a toddler
36. Beautiful eyes and a smile attract me!
37. I love the ocean!!
38. I am a sarcastic prankster!
39. I have above average intelligence!
40. I love my toenails painted. Currently – OPI – Met on the Internet!
41. I have many friends.. but don’t hang around with them enough.
42. I am a domestic goddess!
43. I want a garden so bad I can hardly stand it!! (It’s been 4 years!)
44. One of my favorite smells is fresh plowed dirt!
45. I floss my teeth several times a day!
46. People think I’m a clean freak! It’s really that I’m organized and spend very little time cleaning.
47. I love a good book! I read 1-2 a week.
48. I am a computer geek!
49. I believe that Man is head of the household.. as long as it pleases me. (yes dear, anything dear)
50. My music taste is very eclectic.
51. I play the piano
52. I 'm horrible at trivia!
53. I’ve grown to love History as an adult!
54. I love being a Grammy. Carter will be 1 next month!
55. I was age 40 when I had my first Granddaughter. She lived 11 days.
56. I love to cook.. but don’t have time to do it. My other hobbies fill up my time.
57. I love a man that cooks! He can cook every meal if he likes!
58. I hate to shop!
59. Cheap jewelry makes me break out and itch. It has to be real gold. (not sure about silver)
60. Cats make me itch!
61. I had a kidney stone at age 20
62. I broke my arm at age 8
63. I broke my ankle at age 14
64. I have two screws in my leg
65. I was age 19 when I had my first child.
66. I was age 24 when I had my last child.
67. I am a cool weather person!
68. I plan on retiring a multimillionaire (thanks to a fabulous employer)
69. I live in a small house. I prefer not to be a slave to it! (remember the stuff?)
70. I sleep in a king size bed… I wish it were bigger!
71. I love cool showers!
72. I am an artist .
73. I’m not afraid to try new foods.
74. I love hot, spicy foods.
75. I have naturally curly blond hair. Its getting curlier as I age.
76. I try to tame it with about 5 different hair products.
77. I love hunting for treasures.
78. I love digging in the dirt.
79. My skin tans easily
80. I am now trying to protect my skin from wrinkles.
81. People tell me I look much younger than I am.
82. I can hardly believe my kids will reach my current age of 29 in a few years!
83. I like red wine.
84. My favorite flowers are tulips
85. I see the world in colors , shapes and numbers.
86. I constantly analyze things.
87. I love to give cards to people for all occasions! If I had your address I would probably mail you one, too!
88. I love to create digital scrapbook pages.
89. I am creative.
90. I teach painting classes. It’s time to plan one!
91. I use acrylic paints!
92. Watercolor is my favorite. I use that for card creations
93. I decorate in a country, primitive style.
94. My kitchen is decorated in a chicken theme. I painted 2/3 of the items.
95. I want to get rid of my carpet and put in hardwood floors!
96. My MP3 player has 3000 songs on it. I thought that was impressive until one of the guys at work told me he has over 6000 on his!
97. I love technology!
98. I’m finally learning to text.
99. I’m not a chocolate fan!
100. I want an acre where I can raise chickens and a cow and grow a big garden.

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Roger said...

Holy cow that's a big list! I do feel like I know you much better and anybody that fishes aint all bad! ;D

Brandy said...

You inspired me! I'm doing this too. =) plus I like to learn things I didn't know about you!

Diane said...

Holy Michelle,I don't think I could write down 100 things about me! TFS!