Sunday, August 31

Cucumbers are better than????

Looking at this 25lb box of cucumbers that My Handyman picked up Friday night from a local farmer reminds me... .. Many years ago, when I was a young twenty something, one of my co-workers was getting a divorce. Her husband worked for my husband building houses at the time. They're both now our ex's. Being the silly girls that we were.. the rest of us in the office pitched in and got her a few divorce gifts.... one of them being a book for her to read titled. "Cucumbers are better than men because..." If you would like to know some of the reasons... click HERE.


The cucumbers are all chopped with the onions and are soaking in a brine. This morning we will make some mustard pickles and some bread and butter pickles. Stay tuned .......

I painted this sign yesterday for a co-worker. Its about 22 inches long. His little girls are now sharing a room and he wanted a sign for their door. I had a hard time capturing the true colors. Its a pretty soft plum and sage green; the colors of their room. Now I've got the itch to paint some more projects.. I'll have to start planning for the holidays!!


Karma... stare out the window daydreaming.....
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Scrappy Girl said...

Cool cucumbers. Love the sign. I am not talented with paint at all.

Judy said...

That's a lot of cucumbers!!! The sign is wonderful...wish I had that talent.

Maria said...

Holy! That's a lot of cucumbers!! LOL! Looks yummy!

Love your sign!! Isn't it fun to create your own sign! I'd like to make one for my craft room!! It really makes a statement!! Great job!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

My wife traded me in for a cucumber many times .... U started it!!!!

Diane said...

Such a beauty Michelle! Love the colors and your painting is fabulous! I'm sure the girls loved the sign!