Sunday, August 3


My craft table is a mess!! I haven't made anything for a few days so I thought I better clean it up a little bit.
While doing this, I thought I would show you how I organize things. My ink pads fit nicely inside one of the Cropper Hopper Photo containers.
I wrap ribbon that I buy by the yard around wooden clothes pins that I buy at the dollar store.
My brads and other embellishments are stored in these nice plastic containers.
I bought some little trays to put by stickles, baubles, glitters and flowers in.
I cut out pictures of the stamps I purchase and glue them on pages in a binder. When Im looking for a stamp set its much easier seeing what I have. If I dont have a picture, I stamp on some cardstock and put in the binder. It may seem a little anal.. but believe me.. I'm a time manager and it saves much more time to be organized than not.
I have a sketch book that I draw my card sketches on. I also sketch some of the cards I that I find on other artist's blogs! Its a great way to design a card.
After I finished cleaing my table, I was able to create a card. I'll share it with you tomorrow!
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Scrappy Girl said...

I loved getting the tour of your scrap space. You have lots of great goodies.

Love your stamp binder! That is one thing I need to do when I organize my scrap room.

Also love the sketch book. What a great idea!

Look forward to seeing your creation tomorrow!

Maria said...

Wow, Michelle. . .awesome organization! I love how all your brads are all in one place and how your stamp pads fit so nicely into the container.

Thanks for sharing your organization!!


Judy said...

Love your organization. The ribbon storage is fantastic. I just may have to give that a try.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You have me out organized!!!!!!!!!

Slick said...


That's a lot of stuff to organize!