Saturday, August 30

Bounty Hunter

I can't believe I was persuated to believe I need to read another series of books! This stack of books that has been passed around the office several times has made its way to my desk!!! WHAT!! I have so much spare time!!! Have you heard of Janet Evanovich? She writes books about Stephanie Plum a bounty hunter! EVERYONE tells me they're so good! I got the stack last week! I'm on book 4 of 14! DANG IT!!!! I love a good book! I stay up way too late reading a few chapters each night after I finish the list of things I need to accomplish!

"It was January in Trenton. The sky was gunmetal grey, and the air sat dead cold on cars and sidewalks. Inside the offices of Vincent Plum, bail bond agent, the atmosphere was no less grim, and I was sweating not from heat but from panic."

I think Stephanie has the hots for Morelli a local cop that tried to play garage and choo choo with her when they were kids... but now I'm kind of wondering about Ranger - The ex military bounty hunter that comes to her aid many times! Will the mystery be solved in book 4- Four to Score???

I better get to reading and find out!! They're hilariously funny and a blast of fresh air!!

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Scrappy Girl said...

I LOVE finding a great new book or book series. I am currently reading the Twilight series. I am on book 3 of 4 already.

Jenn said...

I have read all of the Plum books and LOVE them!!!

Linda said...

I also love her books and have read all of them---they make me laugh out loud at times.
Linda Peterson

Judy said...

I love her books. Just have a few more pages to go to finish #14,