Thursday, August 28

Just Peachy!

It wasn't in my plan.. but the peaches ripened a little earlier than expected. After a long day at work, I checked on the peaches in the garage. What?? Already??? A couple were even molding! Not tonight! Its hot! I'm tired! I'm grouchy! I don't wanna!!!!! But I hafta!!!
I slowly dragged out all the equipment needed to get the job done! This time I decided to hot water bath them. It takes longer but I believe its a better method.

Can you tell how excited I am?????


Peeling and slicing! Busy at work.. They're soaking in the fruit fresh so they don't turn brown.

Busy! Busy! Busy!

They do look yummy though don't they??

Filling up the jars...

The boiling zone!

Thank you God for providing me with your beautiful and tasty fruit for me to enjoy even when not in season! Thank you for parents that taught me how to preserve the bounty. Thank you for teaching me patience! Thank you for a My Handyman that helped even though I grouched at him! How come I didn't catch that on the camera??? A couple more days and I'll be doing this all over again. Pickles and Tomatoes.
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Matt-Man said...

This was a peach of a post, Michelle. You like your peaches wild, eh? Cheers!!

dorothymae said...

OMG! Those peaches look yummy! Brings back many memories of the hundreds of hours I spent over the years canning fruits, veggies, fish and meats. After all you kids left home and I quit being Betty Crocker, I gave away almost about 2000 mason jars. Do I want to do this again. NOT! I'll just enjoy yours when I'm in town to visit. :)

Judy said...

Those peaches look absolutely yummy!!

Roger said...

Your a good woman Michelle! Not to many can or know how to can anything. Have a awesome holiday weekend!

natalie said...

That is fabulous! Look at all those peaches! I wish I knew how to do all that...

What do you do with the tomatoes? I have SO MANY! I have dried some, pureed some, and made salsa and pasta sauce...