Thursday, January 28

Wild Blue Yonder

Saturday Carter spent the night with Nammy..  That’s what he calls me..   We watched Monsters Vs Aliens a couple of times; then he decided that a big Red dinosaur came to visit.  He played hide and seek with it for about an hour!  There is nothing better than a little child running through the house and squealing with laughter!  
On the drive  to take him back home Sunday, I had to take some pictures of the mountains.  It was such a pretty clear day and they looked so pretty with the bright white snow.  
Carter was chattering most of the way home.  Then all of a sudden he became very silent.  As quick as a snap of the fingers.  Sound asleep!  I wish I could fall asleep that fast and sleep so sound!   Isn’t he just the cutest!   So peaceful in slumber.

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