Thursday, January 14

Punch, Scrunch and Embellish

I seen this idea on someone’s blog a few weeks ago.   I cant remember where,  or I would share the page.   I pulled out the memory strand from my brain to create these.   

First I had to search out an old book that I wouldn’t mind punching shapes out of.   I went to the closest thrift store a couple of days ago to search for my treasure.    It couldn’t be just any old book.   I wanted something that showed positive words.   No bad words!  How would that look on a pretty flower that I attached to a card?    Anyway.  Good ideas would be; an old hard bound children’s book,  maybe some poetry?   I found an older daily devotional book for woman and old thesaurus published in 1936.   The pages are nice and yellow in the thesaurus.   I’m going to continue my search and try to find an old hymn book or sheet music.   I spent a total of $2.99 for the two books that I found that are well over 300 pages each.  I can get 9 flower punches per page.

Depending on the thickness of the paper,  punch 3-5 layers for each flower.   Scrunch them up really good.   I used a sharp darning needle to punch in the middle then attached a brad to hold them together.  Attach a button to the middle with a piece of double sided foam tape.   

Scrunch a little more after you attach the button; if your heart desires.   You know that it is good to follow the desires of your heart!   Especially this time of the year!   

Heart Day is coming up and I think these pretty little posies will look fabulous on some of my valentines.  That’s why I used red and pink buttons.  

Quick, simple and thrifty!   Now that’s my style!

(edited to add....  I found the video....)


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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These are super cute! I love this idea. WOW you have a lot of buttons! LOL. Here in Canada at our local library they sell books that are old or damaged for 50cents and magazines for 10cents ~ would your library there have things like that? I find this very useful for my journaling pages and I use a lot of text pages in my art work to that I paint and put on the page.
Thanks for sharing, they are lovely.