Saturday, October 18

The Best is Yet to Be


Created with Photoshop Elements using kits from Designer Digitals and Jen Wilson Designs.

karma...try to be aware of what others are thinking and feeling....

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Scrappy Girl said...

Very pretty!

Judy said...

Another beautiful layout!

Maria said...

Wow, Michelle!! You've been busy making such beautiful layouts!! How nice . . .wish I could be more motivated to create more layouts myself!! Well, keep up the wonderful job with the layouts!!

Hey, love the first song on your blog. I heard it on Air One - my husband got a CD for donating money to the station. Do you have an Air one station there where you live? If not. . .check out Love their music!!


Diane said...

Oh Michelle!Your pages are gorgeous! They are so lucky to have you,is that their album or yours? It must be breathtaking to look at that album!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You could read the words even if they were not there.