Sunday, October 12

Autumn Day

Autumn Day, Autumn Day,
God give richest gifts today.
Look on every side and see,
Pleasant things for you and me.
Apples red and Apples yellow,
Round and Juicy,
Sweet and mellow.
Load the trees til they bend over,
And their branches brush the clover.
Child be glad with all that lives.
But forget, not God that gives.

The apple orchards are overflowing. You can go pick at the orchards or buy bushels of them at the Farmers markets. I'm so tempted to buy some and make applesauce and apple butter. Do I have the energy?? I'll have to ponder this a little longer...





Karma.. never speak loudly to each other, unless the house is on fire.....

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mdx3mom said...

OOOO I think you need to cook. Picture of the pie made me hungry. My son read this post at the same he wants me to make apple butter. So not my area of expertise.

Lorie said...

Mmmm...those apples look awful yummy! I would buy at least some so that you have a little at least! LOVE your wind chime!

Pam Speidel said...

Hi Michelle! Love the new blog header, your autumn poem and all the yummy photos. I've been wanting to get out to the apple of my fav things to do this time of year. Happy Day!

Roger said...

Excellent poem and photos!

Judy said...

I vote for apple looks so yummy.

Matt-Man said...

Ha. I like the poem and the quote. Cheers Michelle!!