Thursday, October 9


Last week we had 89 degree's, which was almost record temps. This week we are low 50's and its supposed to Freeze at night. ACK!! Possible SNOW in the mountains this weekend. (I can hardly type that word) It came fast! I was sitting in my garage working on the Jolly Old Fellow and something seemed wrong. Here I am painting Winter items and I haven't even gotten out my Fall decorations. I got the bin from the shed and hung up a few things. It seemed appropriate for the cooler Fall weather. Maybe I should stamp a few Fall cards?

My front Door. If you look real close. You might see some spider webs. They're everywhere right now! edited: LOL! I just noticed Tanner peeking out the window at me; bottom left corner.


Scarecrow wreath I painted a couple of years ago.

More sneak peaks of The Jolly Man.

Karma... do no harm to others and you will find happiness...
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Scrappy Girl said...

I love decorating for fall. The color of your front door is really pretty. We have spiderwebs EVERYWHERE right now. So annoying and creepy!

Vicki Sullivan said...

Wow, the Jolly Man is really coming along nicely.

Brandy said...

Totally cute!! You are so crafty it makes me sick! Teach me everything you know!!! I'm going to start stalking your house every weekend. =) <3

P.S. LOVE the new blog header!

Diane said...

Oh my Michelle,your painting is gorgeous,what wonderful work you do!!!!! Your entrance looks so inviting,especially with the little critter in the window,lol!
He's so precious!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

What a charming entryway and HOW talented you are!!! Cute grandson!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You did those? Incredible! could your blog be any cuter?

Speedcat Hollydale said...


uhh, too early for candy???
Ha haaaa!!!!!

Lorie said...

My goodness! You are so talented! Love your painted pieces as well as your cards!