Thursday, October 16


Eric has always loved critters. He started finding them as a small child. No matter where we went he was catching some kind of critter and showing it off. It doesn't surprise me he even found them in Mexico!


This page was created using a kit from The Sweete Shoppe using Photoshop Elements.

Karma... be the friend of all living things...

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Scrappy Girl said...

That is reasone #542 that God gave me 3 girls and 0 boys. LOL!

Lorie said...

That is a great layout! I just love it!

Slick said...

Ah, Mexico.

Let me go next time?

Vicki C said...

OH Michelle.. totally fun layout!!
Thanks always.. for coming by and for your nice comments!

Diane said...

Great layout but I don't like the critter,lol!