Sunday, October 19

First Snow

Last weekend it got really cold and we had our first snow fall. I took these while driving into town; viewing the foothills near downtown Boise.



Karma... just breathe.....

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Lorie said...

We aren't too far away from you and I really have to say that I'm glad I don't see any white stuff right! :o) Have a great Sunday!

Vicki C said...

Well Michelle.. I have to say .. I dont want snow yet..but that view is Beautiful! I love mountains... I suppose simply becuase it's something I just dont see around here! (in the flatlands of NE) lol
The mountains just intrigue me.

Slick said...

Dang! You don't see nothing like that in Georgia.

Although it is beautiful, please keep the snow up there

mdx3mom said...

Beautiful view. I would love to see mountains from my window, but you can keep the snow. Temps here were in the 60's all weekend. It was misserable working in that cold!

Speedcat Hollydale said...


The only thing close to that by Hollydale is the landfill (not pretty like these photos)

wow :-)

Vicki Sullivan said...
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Vicki Sullivan said...

How beautiful - I love the snow and we get so very little of it here in Maryland. Fresh fallen snow scenes are breath taking.