Sunday, March 8

My Room

I've got a few more things in my room. Its a mess but it's mine.... This is probably the only room in the house that I don't mind if its in chaos! As long as its organized chaos and I know where everything is.. Its impossible to be creative and have everything "clean".

I have my papers, books and stamps in the closet... I have stamps in the drawers. I have ribbons in jars. Can you tell that Tanner has to follow me everywhere and loves his picture taken?

And look how I organized my punches! I bought a $6 over the door shoe organizer. Each little pouch has a punch or more in it..... So much easier to find than digging for one in a large box!


I've ordered a vinyl wall rub on. I should be getting that next week.

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Scrappy Girl said...

Great room...I am missing mine...can't wait to get home to work in it!

Jenn said...

I'm jealous!

Amy said...

Thanks for coming by the other day. I love your dog. My dog will follow me around at times. My baby Sugar who went to doggy heaven was every step behind me. Oh do I miss her. I love the idea about the shoe thing. Maybe someday I can have a room like yours.
Happy Sunday.

Cherie said...

It is great to have a room of your own!
I can totally relate - sometimes, ok most of the time (ha ha) my craft room is a complete and total disaster but I know where everything is and that's all that matters.

I love your organizing though. The punch holder is genius!

ScissorBella said...

i knew you were glad i moved out!