Friday, March 13


Have you heard of the organization Compassion International? It is a Christian organization that has churches and schools in poor communities all over the world. They look for sponsors to help these children. Many Christian Musician sponsor and mention it at all of their concerts.

Each child has only one sponsor. My child is a 4 year old little girl from Nicaragua. The average wage in her community is $85 a month. I have the opportunity to write her 3 or 4 letters a year and she also will write to me with the help of an interpreter. I have pictures of her and I'll send her pictures of me. Many Host Families have been able to go on trips and visit the Children that they are sponsoring. I hope to be able to do that some day. I will be able to sponsor her until she is 18 years of age. She will be educated, and learn skills to better herself.

Compassion also helps feed hungry children. They have churches in 1000's of communities and the donations are divided to each country. The money is spent on food in each community which helps their economy. That way they don't have to ship food around the world. It saves shiploads of rotting food trying to go through customs. Did you know that it only cost $156 a year to feed a child in one of these third world countries? We are having a Global Food Crisis. A child dies every 7 seconds from starvation. Over 4 Million a year! Can you imagine?? It breaks my heart!! Poverty Map

I know this is a hard subject to talk about... but its REAL... As a parent I can't image not having food to feed my child..

Next week there is a Rock and Worship Roadshow coming to town. March 20th. MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road will be performing. I am excited to attend as a volunteer for Compassion. I hope to sign up many more people to help these children survive another day..


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