Tuesday, March 10

Button, Button, who has the Button?

I love buttons! I'm not sure why but I've been collecting them for 15+ years. I painted a box to hold them about 15 years ago. I added them to some of my tolepaint projects... then I started stamping and scrapping and the rest is history. I used to add them to almost every card. Now that I'm getting my craft room organized they're easier to find... so you'll be seeing more of them on my creations. I poured them out on white cardstock and took a few pictures to share.


This is the picture I used for my background on the scrap page I created.



Products: PSE7, Designer Digitals - postage stamp frames, misc brushes. Font - Pea Reese.

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Katherine Aucoin said...

Wow how creative you are. Stopped by from SITS!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, that's a lot of buttons! LOL! Love the box that you store them in. Such a perfect box to keep them. I can see a lot of creations coming from you using all those fabulous buttons!!

Love the layout of your buttons. Love all the pretty colors!!


Diane said...

A whole lot of buttons going on!!!
Wow Michelle,quite the collection!
Neat layout too!

Barbara said...

Love all your buttons. I remember playing with my moms tin of buttons when I was growing up. Smiles B

doggybloggy said...

oddly enough I have a nice button collection...