Monday, January 26

Special Olympics

This year, starting in February, the Special Olympics are being held in Idaho. I read a post this morning of a young Boise couple that are volunteering their time to be Delegation Liaisons. Courtney is trying to get lapel pins from all over the country to give to the delegates. I was reading Scissorbella's friend Brandy's blog and see that Courtney is one of Brandy's friends.. HHmm.... wonder if she knows Scissorbella? any way.. Read her post HERE to find out more about the Special Olympics and more about the Pins she is trying to collect. (Turn off music player at the bottom of my blog to watch video)

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

That is so cool ... I'm headed over to check her blog out!

Happy week Michelle :-)

tara @ kidz said...

That is amazing. I might have to take a trip to Idaho in February!

Roger said...

I would like to go what a great event!

Nate & Courtney said...

Thank you so much for posting this, it means a lot to me! We have been able to collect quite a few pins thanks to all of you great blogging friends!