Tuesday, January 6

National Paper Crafting Month

Did you know that January is National Paper Crafting Month??? CTMH is offering a fabulous kit of papers and an E sized stamp set - Key to My Heart!

To find out more about the special. Click on the pictures. You can order HERE.




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Scrappy Girl said...

Great colors for the paper pack! National Paper Crafting Month...hmmm...sounds like a good exscuse to go to the schoolhouse today..LOL!

Cynthia said...

It's also CHA (I remember from my hardcore scrapping days). I have a friend who is a 'famous' scrapper (it's weird to say that since any non-scrapper would find it so offputting, it is rather stupid I guess). Anyway, I might be helping her make some opening day CHA giveaways for her booth- which are actually related to my hobby rather than scrapping but it would be so cool if that works out.

I suppose I could pull out some of my old supplies and whip something up. I think I still can?