Friday, January 16

My old Singer

I've had my sewing machine since my kids were toddlers. I've never been much of a seamstress. UGH! I hate it! I did sew a few simple things for the kids when they were little but mostly its been used for mending things. If you were reading my blog before Carter was born, you may remember that I created this sock monkey rag quilt for him. It was quite an accomplishment for me since I DON'T SEW!

A few weeks before Scissorbella moved out, she decided she needed to sew placemats and napkins. She searched for fabrics around town then decided to buy some from an on-line retailer. I helped her cut and measure the fabric. Here are a few pictures of her putting that old Singer to good use. She packed up the placemats before I got pictures of them. She'll probably take a few pictures of her new place to show everything off when she gets settled.


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Scrappy Girl said...

Great fabric! She has a great eye for color...wonder who she got that from. I always feel like I put "great colors" in every one of the comments I leave for you. LOL! I hate to sew too!

Star Forbis said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and Laughing with me. Come back any time.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I was all .... "sure that looks like something I could do"

until the iron came out :)

Excellent crafting !!!

Roger said...

Talent runs all though your family!

Judy said...

Fabulous material. It does my heart good so see a young person using a sewing machine.