Sunday, January 18

In a Fog

The entire Treasure Valley is trapped in a foggy inversion! Its been dark and ugly out. I can't even see the mountains from my house in any direction... On top of that I've been sitting at home, in my pajamas sick for a few days. I'm finally feeling a little better but don't want to be around people. I talked My Handyman into taking me for a drive. I heard that its actually sunny in the mountains, and the deer and elk are down low. So off we went.

I took a couple of pictures along the Boise river. This fisherman was all bundled up in his Carhartts. I zoomed in on him and he has no idea that his picture is now on the internet! We are at the bottom of Lucky Peak Damn and there are a few icicles forming on the sides of the rocks that I thought looked cool.
We seen a lot of deer, but none close enough to zoom in on and get some good shots. That is photo shots! Hunting season is over! (I think they know that and thats why they feel safe down lower.) We were on a two lane hiway and couldn't pull over.

We headed North and what should appear? Mr Sunshine! Its amazing how a clear blue sky can really cheer me up! I love it! The higher altitude we were the less deer we saw so we turned around and headed home. The temp was around 45 in the higher elevations and only 31 in the valley.

Here is a peek of Mr Blue Sky! We're heading back into the fog. I hung my head out the window of the truck and took a few shots. See me in the rear view mirror??

OH! NO! Mr Sunshine is hiding again!!

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Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....the story I wrote was old but true. Life is great!

I lived in Lowman for about 4 months doing research with my husband. I loved it. I wish I was there! Where are you? (We will be going back for more research)

Loved the photos....I miss the mountains more than anything.

Cynthia said...

My Mom grew up on the Oregon side of Treasure Valley (Vale) and we still have family there. I didn't realize that the awful inversions we get here are also present up there. Yuck! I hate it when they settle in.

We've got one going now but it's not too bad- there's a peak of blue sky.

natalie said...

Oh the sunshine! I didn't realize how much I am missing many days has it been now that we have been stuck in this cold grey-ness?!?! YUCK! But, those pictures are great...sounds like a really nice drive!!!

P.S. Your card totally made my day...nothing like a little "sunshine" in your mailbox! :)

Barbara said...

Glad your feeling better. I have had a nasty cold myself and have been pretty lazy trying to get over it. Love those trips to the mountains in the winter to visit the beautiful scenery and the blue sky. Its better then a prescription from the doc to clear you head. Smiles B

Vicki said...

love the pictures. sorry you're feeling sick - hope you feel better real soon - it is amazing how much getting some sun helps us feel better. take care

Nana said...

Oh we have not seen Mr. Sunshine for a few days. INVERSION! YUCK!!
I need to go for a ride up in the mountains and see some blue sky.

Shauna said...

What a great blog you have here :)

tara @ kidz said...

During the entire winter season, the Great Salt Lake causes a serious inversion here. Oh how I miss the sun!

Judy said...

It's amazing how a little sunshine can lift the spirits! Hope you are feeling better.

Lorie said...

We are stuck in the same inversion and it is SO frustrating to be cloud for so long! Hopefully the stagnant air warning will go away soon which would mean we would get some sunshine. Only in my dreams for this time of year I guess. :o) Feel better soon!