Wednesday, January 28

Joy in the Journey

There have been alot of scrapbooking sites focusing on the "All about ME theme" We as scrapbooker's tend to scrap about everything around us but don't take much time to focus on ourselves. Throughout the year, I am going to try to scrap a little more about myself so future generations will know me....


I used papers and embellishments from The Sweet Shoppe and Designer Digitals. PSE7. I lowered the saturation on my picture so there is just a hint of color. Then I added the stamped block, under the photo to give it the grunge look...

I love Digital Scrapping.. All you need is a good photo editing program. I recommend photoshop elements. I found some great tutorials on line. Some are free. Some you have to buy. The first one I bought was this one.. If you look at the far right of my blog, and down the sidebar.... if you scroll down... don't give up... it's there somewhere. You'll find a list of my favorite digital sites that I visit. Give it a try!

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Jamie said...

Oh that's nice Michelle. I'm going to have to get into digi scrapbooking and I think you'll be my inspiration, hehe. Checking out that sidebar!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I let myself get intimidated by digi and I shouldn't. I'll go check it out.

Love the layout!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Looking good! You get better at the digital aspects every day :-)

Cherie said...

I love your page.

I totally agree. As mom's we are the ones who are in charge of it all and often behind the camera recording everyone else.

It is important to be recorded in our own lives!

Way to go:)

P.S. I just joined the SITS girls - I am in Idaho too:)

Cherie said...

OK that is too funny! We probably know each other or used to anyway because we have been here longer than the Jones and always been in a ward with them (through splits, etc...) It is indeed a small world. Fun!

It will be great to check your blog and get to know you...again? ha ha.