Saturday, January 10


Now that Scissorbella is moving out... she's kept me busy helping her get ready. She sewed Placemats and napkins a couple of weeks ago. Now she wants me to make her some coasters. Here are a few idea's I came up with. I've printed them and now just need to assemble.


I used PSE7 and digital papers and elements from several on line digital stores. She wanted these to be pretty random. The colors match the various colors she used when sewing her other creations.


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sandy said...

Those colors are gorgeous!

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Diviiiine! I wish I could hold stacks colored papers in my hands all day. There is something so glorious about happy colors.

THANK YOU for stopping by my blog (and adding yourself as a follower?! I'm so tickled!)

Happy Weekend!

Nana said...

I say, you can never have enough coasters!!!!

bec4 said...

Great patterns! I also love the His Holy Name challenge--what a great idea.

Scrappy Girl said...

All those colors are great!