Monday, September 8


I started making a few cards yesterday while Carter was napping.. I hope to finish them up this afternoon while he is napping so I can show you them. He is a busy boy and he moves at the speed of light and is into EVERYTHING!! He has to open every cabinet door and drawer and see if he can find any treasures. He hides his toys inside my coffee table. He has a little baseball bat he packs around with him everywhere, and hits everything he encounters to see what kind of sound it makes. He looks at me and laughs when he likes a sound. Its funny! and I'm exausted!!-- It will be really fun when he starts walking.... Oh no! Its quiet all of a sudden.. wonder what he's into now???
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Judy said...

We grandmas understand why God gives the babies to the young. Our grandchildren are priceless treasures but they can be oh so exhausting. When I kept mine at that age, I would go to bed when they went home!