Sunday, September 21

59 Days

59 Days! Thats how long its been since we've had rain here in the Treasure Valley! We've been about 10 degree's above normal. Saturday morning a cold front came in. Thunder and lightning! I love it!!! Our power went out for about 4 hours during the morning hours. Another storm came through about 4:30 pm. Here are a few photo's I was able to snap. Some area's had hail.
We just had thunder, lightning and rain!
Back yard facing North
Back yard facing East
Back yard facing West
Front yard facing South East
Front yard facing South West
South West
I love Mother Nature!

Karma... Wake up happy!.....

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Scrappy Girl said...

Cool sky photos! Wow 59 days!

Jenn said...

Brittany had a fit.....I finally had to bring her in and then the house smelled like wet dog. Yuck!

Slick said...


You gonna be a storm chaser? Them clouds look dangerous!

Matt-Man said...

Great pics Michelle. We are a little dry here ourselves. Hope you and the Handyman had a nice weekend. Cheers!!

Diane said...

Those are great pics,as if 59 days without rain,it all came here!

Roger said...

Rain delay! Great photos!!