Friday, February 22


Tact is telling the truth kindly, considerate of how your words affect others’ feelings. Think before you speak, knowing what is better left unsaid. When you are tactful, others find it easier to hear what you have to say. Tact builds bridges.

Have I ever told you that I like Geese? Canadian Geese. I have a few of them in my house. Occasionally we have them in the field behind our house. Tanner likes to chase them and bark when they fly low over the house. This picture hangs over our 60+ inch Flat Screen HDTV.


This is one I painted a few years ago. Its with a fishing basket and fly rod.


Closer view


Pioneer Woman has some on her Blog. You can read about it here.
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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

You are a lovely painter Michelle. These are really pretty.