Thursday, February 14

My Funny Valentine

I went to the beauty supply store with Scissorbella a couple of weeks ago and was looking at the new Valentines collection of OPI (nail polish) The instant I picked it up I knew I had to have it.Photobucket'Met on the Internet'. What a perfect color to celebrate the day! I met My Handyman "Wilt" on the internet about 12 years ago. Back when AOL was new and you had to pay by the hour. I heard about chat rooms from a friend and decided to check them out. Thirty Something seemed to be the popular place to be. I ventured out and into the "Outdoors" room. People were discussing, fishing, hunting, camping etc. Stuff I've always loved. One late weekend night , I received an IM (instant message) from "Izzyloco". I thought to myself, "Who the heck is this stranger talking to me?" ; Especially if he questions his own sanity. We chatted a couple of times a week. I eventually called him DR Bill because he was always giving me advice on my kids, ex, etc. We eventually started talking on the phone and after a year decided we should meet. He flew to Idaho, I flew to Minnesota. He eventually decided to leave his job, his family, his entire life and onto a new adventure in Idaho. We dated for just over a year then decided to build a house together. We lived together 6 years before getting married; mainly because of my 3 teenagers, taxes, child support, etc. We celebrate our 4 year anniversary in April. We've had our differences and challenges, but I love him and know he loves me. Happy Birthday to My Handyman!!!!!


How is you meet your spouse??
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Diane said...

What a sweet story Michelle!!!
I was working in a music store as manager in our retail mall. I had been divorced for a couple of years,and almost every morning I saw these coffee drinkers at the food court when I picked up my coffee before going to work. There was a couple which I knew who they we're and 2 single guys that we're there every morning. To make a long story short i asked someone I knew to find out if the one guy was single. But he wasn't,but I asked how come he is there every morning and without her if he's not single. Well he had gotten into a work accident and his relationship had been really bad in the last 2 yrs.He would smile to me every morning but never stepped forward until she was gone.
Not too long after that,he was single...the rest is history. We will be celebrating our 8th wedding ann. in May and he is an angel sent from up above!!
Wow that's a long story,I hope you get to read it all without getting bored,lol!!