Friday, February 1


Enthusiasm is being cheerful, happy, and full of spirit. It is doing something wholeheartedly and eagerly. When you are enthusiastic, you have a positive attitude. Enthusiasm is being inspired.

I received my order from Cornish Heritage Farms from the Kim Hughes collection. Pet-tootie Sentiments, Pretty Birds, and Cutie Pet-Tootie. Check out Kim's blog here. I can hardly wait to start inking them. I'll be creating something to share very soon!!

Happy Friday!


Love, Tanner

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wornoutwoman said...

Happy Friday to you too...a day late! :)

wornoutwoman said...

aka daily blessings....

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Beautiful set Michelle. I really like the way you start your posts, very encouraging, as well as your music. God bless

dd2njoy said...

Cute set! Can't wait to see your creations!!