Friday, February 29


Loyalty is staying true to someone. It is standing up for something you believe in without wavering. It is being faithful to your family, country, school, friends or ideals, when the going gets tough as well as when things are good. With loyalty, you build relationships that last forever.
Speaking of the Fam Damily... Its seems like every time the camera comes out.. everyone jumps in front of it and fights over who gets to get their pictures taken first. Ya right! You believe that?? Its more like... who can pull the funniest face??? Or even get the prettiest!
This one is of Punksnowboarder getting his Girl Beautiful!
This is my sister Krinkle, Flyboy and their three punks
I think Mom is telling one of her stories here.
My three darlins showing off with their biggest grins.
My sister Kittie Krazy!
My Handyman - I think he fights the hardest to have his picture taken!!
Flyboy is such a handsome dude!!
My three punk neices and Me
We teach them very young how to do this! Give him a few more years and he'll be really good at it!
Most of the Fam Damily!

As you can tell... We're quite the bunch!! We adobt anyone that is willing to be crazy and silly and are very good at getting their pictures taken.
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Diane said...

Oh my goodness Michelle,that is too funny!!! Especially the baby's picture,LOL!!! Love your posts,you
make me laugh!!!
Have a wonderful weekend with your
Fam Damily!!!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These are awesome pics - what a fun family you have. I love the pic of your little grandson too.
You are very blessed indeed.

Mel M. M. M. said...

Can I be adopted? You guys are SO much fun! :0) Mel