Tuesday, February 5

Silly Girls

Sometimes even grown girls like to be silly. A couple of times a year, we will draw names and do secret pals at work. Its fun to give and receive fun little gifts. Sometimes they're edible, sometimes they smell, sometimes they're funnny! A couple of years ago I received a rubber chicken. The poor thing! He's been given so much attention that he lost one of his feet. His new name is stubby; and he's about to lose another! Its hanging on by a thread!
Poor stubby!! Everyone takes their anger and stress out on him! He hides in the corner of my cubicle but everyone seems to find him. He's been stretched, twisted and almost beheaded!
This is my co-worker Jayme taking advantage of him! You might ask how I know its a him???
Isn't it obvious??? Do you think we'd treat one our girlfriends like this???
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